dreamy-woman-eyes-header-imageThere are numerous political, religious, industry and ideological forces (PRIIF) in the country that not only don’t want you to vote, but they never want you to vote again, ever. They do everything they can to make the process miserable, both physically and mentally.

If voting is a miserable experience then apathy grows, cynicism increases and you become willing to freely throw your birthright away. The government and Congress will exist whether you vote or not, but if you don’t the control of the American government will be in the hands of those powerful PRIIF forces.

This is no secret. In 1980, Paul Weyrich, cofounder of ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, and the Moral Majority spilled-the-beans at a Religious Roundtable. In his speech he doesn’t want everybody to vote, that elections are never won by the majority, and that “quite candidly” their leverage goes up when the voting populace goes down.

So, the people who are afraid of your vote are the religious right, corporations, and billionaires. Their power increases at every level of government when you don’t vote and don’t vote the entire down ballot, even the important judgeships.

It is because they are so afraid of your vote and the power you possess if you did vote, that ridiculous voter suppression laws are passed through state legislatures that have been captured by these PRIIF forces.

Laws such as in Texas where a citizen may vote with a state issued gun license, but not a state issues student id or by the creation of administrative programs such as Kansas’s Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s CrossCheck software program that he has peddled to 25-30 other captured states.

The CrossCheck smokescreen is to stop voter fraud, but there is no voter fraud problem in this country. They slyly present it as stopping a problem that doesn’t exist. What the program does is they cross check names in different states and if they are exactly the same or similar, ignoring birthdates and social security numbers, both names are removed from the voter roles. Both! They get a two-fer!

Casual Voters and Cynical non-voting citizens must recognize the power they possess. There are forces that want to steal it their birthright away so that they may have the power it wields instead.

It is a myth that one person has one vote. Today, in the oligarchy we now find ourselves living in, one vote has the power of 320 million because your vote just may affect choices that everyone in this country will have to live with for decades to come.


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