America Abandoned



From right wing conservatives to Wall Street fat cats, progressive writer Jill Cody delivers a no-holds-barred look at a country that’s becoming politically, morally and financially bankrupt.”

— Thom Hartmann, nationally syndicated talk show host and bestselling author


The American people have been abandoned. Behemoth corporations, the uber-rich, the media, Congress, and the Supreme Court have withdrawn their support from “We, the People”, in spite of their duty, allegiance, or responsibility to American citizens.


Billionaires and corporations are flourishing as they abandon loyalty to employees and American citizens. The same wealthy people and corporations are hoarding billions of dollars offshore to avoid paying taxes while privatizing their profits and subsidizing their losses. By doing so, they are intentionally abandoning their civic responsibility for the obscene accumulation of profit, and are impeding the government’s ability to serve the public good.


When you read this eye-opening expose´, you will discover:

  • who launched the Velvet Coup
  • which seminal moments in U.S. history are threatening our democracy today
  • what Citizen Voter Type you are, and how to become a powerful citizen
  • what Living in the Black or Living in the Red means, and how those choices could either rescue or ruin America
  • how we can reconstruct our lives and laws to save our middle class and democracy.


Jill Cody, a well-known, influential educator, consultant and advocate, presents an expanded view of abandonment to illustrate how this calculated crisis is destroying our democracy. This book’s optimism speaks to the hope that, when we realize we have lost something of great value, we will fight to get it back.

After reading America Abandoned, you will know it is time to take a stand, be bold, and recapture our democracy.

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America Abandoned ~ The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy

Table of Contents

Preface: The Beginning of Abandonment: My Story and Personal Insights.

Introduction: Are We All Frogs?

Chapter One: We, the People, Have Relinquished Our Rights to the Rich.

Chapter Two: The Battle of the Titans: The Patriotic Rich v. the Contemptuous Dictators.

Chapter Three: The Velvet Coup Is Happening to You! Part One.

Chapter Four: The Velvet Coup Is Happening to You! Part Two.

Chapter Five: Abandon Your Vote, Ruin Your Country.

Chapter Six: We’ve Been Robbed: Voter Disenfranchisement Tactics Revealed.

Chapter Seven: The Voting Machine Fiasco: A National Atrocity.

Chapter Eight: Sustaining Citizens: We Are the Government.

Chapter Nine: Two-Party System: Government Yin and Yang.

Chapter Ten: Middle Class No More .

Chapter Eleven: Families Abandoned.

Chapter Twelve: Public Education: The Secret Abandonment.

Chapter Thirteen: Social Security: The Coming Theft.

Chapter Fourteen: Personal Freedom or Guns? Finding Balance.

Chapter Fifteen: Be Bold, America! It’s Time to Take a Stand!


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