The country’s infrastructure is crumbling everywhere. There is plenty of money in America to fix this problem, but it is held only in a few hands. The amazing and sorry fact is that one-tenth of one percent (0.01%) owns as much wealth as 90 percent of the country. Our President-elect’s plan to address this great and looming issue is to sell bonds to raise funds for rebuilding our decaying roads and bridges which means that those who buy the bonds will want a return on their money. How will bridge and road repair provide a return on investment?

This can only be achieved by privatizing their use. The country’s infrastructure will join other money-making schemes such as privatizing our prisons, schools, post office and, soon, our national parks have offered. You see, the disgustingly rich do not view the country the same way as we do. They only see dollar signs to siphon from it and us. As one billionaire, Nick Hanauer has been attempting to tell us for years, the .01% see it as their God-given right to exploit the country for their power, control, and enrichment.

America’s infrastructure is just the next national asset to rape with only more to come.

Privatize Social Security anyone?

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