Losers or Killers

Inauguration Day January 20, 2017


My eyes are full of tears.

My heart is broken.

My mind is astonished …

that a man who referred to the size of his penis in a debate,

bragged about grabbing pussy,

that is proud of stiffing subcontractors (working men and women) to enrich himself,

and referred to a professional woman having blood coming out of her whatever …

(now, my stomach wants to throw up)

will become President of the United States of America today.


A man who by design tosses out lies so fast that

the media and fact check organizations cannot keep up.

A man who to make himself feel better has to put others down, and

brands people by calling them school-yard names like

Crooked Hillary, Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, and Not-a-Hero McCain.

A man who is humorless.

A man who has nothing nice or positive to say about anyone other than himself,

and insults and bullies anyone who says or does anything be doesn’t like,

will become President of the United States of America today.


For the next four years we will have a Commander-in-Tweet,

who throws tantrums in 140 characters and

is a man-child with access to the nuclear codes,

and who wonders why every nation can’t have The Bomb.

A man who has appointed six Goldman Sachs executives to his White House

and by doing so, handed the keys to the kingdom to Wall Street,

How is this draining the swamp?

A man whose hyperbole such as

“my cabinet will have the highest IQ in history,” and

everything he does or touches is huge, great, beautiful, the best, and bigly,

sounding like a third rate flim-flam man.


A man will become president today whose father taught him there are only

“losers and killers” and to extract his father’s respect,

became a killer.

Rest In Peace democracy.


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