My heart is breaking. Republicans and those citizens who support them are replacing America with something else. This is not the country I grew up knowing … a free and democratic society. America is becoming an authoritarian state. It is changing right before our eyes and my eyes are crying.

How is it being done? Well, for decades Faux-News has been destroying trust in our government, prepping the soil. Trump comes along and is an ugly, inhuman, cruel, and narcissistic dictator and the right-wing willingly falls in line. No checks and balances are left that our forefathers planned on to save our system of government if it was ever under attack … and under attack we are.

The icing on this dear leader’s agenda is to get his willfully blind followers to hate the FBI, the Dept. of Justice, the Media, immigrants (even though he and all of us are the progeny of immigrants) and their fellow Americans, Democrats (rather see a pedophile in office than a Democrat!). These are direct attacks on the pillars of democracy and speaking of direct attacks … Russia is attacking our country in the cyber world and Trump and the Republicans are ominously silent. They do nothing to defend America. They are remaking American in Russia’s image … a dictatorship by one man who even the morbidly rich have to kiss up to.

Now, 73% of Republicans, once the law & order party, think that the premier law enforcement agency in the country is being unfair to Trump. What is this? Third grade? If you’re not weeping for our country then you’re not paying attention. Activism and a hell-of-a-lot of it and voting and a hell-of-a-lot of it are the only avenues we have to save it.

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