Dear Editor
“Alt-Right.” It sounds cool. Obviously, the label has been focused grouped. Let’s be clear. Please, do not fall for the rebranding of the white supremacist movement. Years ago they wore white hoods and hanged black people. Just because they no longer wear white hoods, they still possess the same dangerous mentality. Even as a Caucasian, it made me sick to my stomach to read the article about the Berkeley protest and the author using the Alt-Right term for whom the students were protesting against. If the article used the unvarnished term instead of the cool rebranding one, saying, “white supremacist, Milo Yiannopoulos,” it would have more clearly explained why the protesters were outraged. This protest was an equal reaction to this man’s “whoness” and what he wants to sell to society. I am ashamed of our media for falling for this rebranding ploy and using the term in articles. Call it for what it is a white supremacist who wanted a platform to spread his hate and “we, the people” saying: “No. Not on our watch!

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