Innovation for whom? Sounds good, right? Wrong. Innovation, in this case, is how to innovate more opportunities to privatize our society’s democratic functions such as roads, schools, water, and national parks to create new (innovative) business profit-making opportunities.

It has been a long time coming. The meme that business can do it better than government has been perpetrated on the American public for decades so that now we have forgotten that the purpose of business is to make a profit for its CEOs and stockholders and the purpose of government is to assure the safety and quality of life for its citizens. They always have and will forever be diametrically opposed missions. Pushing that business is more efficient is a meme that should never have been believed, but hear something often enough, and it will take hold; all to the corporation’s and the billionaires who own them advantage.

When we stop and think about it, how can business “do it better” when corporations are not transparent entities and whose sole purpose is making money? We all know when the government makes a mistake because it is to be open for the entire world to see and we rightfully get mad when transparency is not forthcoming from our government.

Now, our president wants to turn America’s democratic assets and services into numerous new business opportunities. In this way, more money is transferred to billionaires and corporations (the Velvet Coup in action!), and more austerity measures are slapped onto services that we the people need and want. What possibly could go wrong?

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